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The Stages of Spiritual Growth

A 13-week, in-depth Biblical study examining the spiritual growth taught by the apostles.

Rom 12:2,  And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

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We are extremely delighted and honored to welcome you as a new member of the Refuge Temple Ministries family!  You have joined a ministry with a membership of faithful supporters from countries throughout the world.

Your spiritual Journey begins here
To get you started on your new journey, we designed the new member class study materials to enhance your knowledge of the word of God and help you to apply it in your daily living.  We are also committed to train you for service in at least one of the auxiliaries, departments or ministries in this congregation.  

Christian development
This is going to be a very exciting time in your Christian development as you grow spiritually.  Therefore, be faithful in attendance, honor your commitments to service, and learn so that you can teach others.  We want you to be proactive in helping us as we pursue the vision of reconciling all men back to God.

God bless you!

Apostle Wendell Archie

Pages of Book

Lesson 1 - Orientation Lesson 2 - The Believer Stage Lesson 3 - The Discipleship Stage Lesson 4 – Baptism and Communion Lesson 5 – Salvation Through the Holy Ghost Lesson 6 - The Conversion Stage Lesson 7 - The Christianity Stage Lesson 8 - The Sanctification Stage Lesson 9 - The Holiness Stage Lesson 10 – Holidays Lesson 11 – Communion Lesson 12 – Dressing and Adorning Lesson 13 - Jesus, The Son of God Lesson 14 - Tithing Lesson 15 - Fasting

Course Agenda


"I never realized how easy the Bible is to understand. This class changed my life."


Stages of Spiritual Growth

Audio Library
Click on the titles below to access the audio sermons.

Nurturing Growth

The Stages of Spiritual Growth are found within one sermon. Because of its file size, the sermon is divided into Twelve (12) parts (on three separate tracks) to allow the audio to be indexed by subject.


What is baptism and what does it accomplish? Is it optional? How can baptism help me change as I move toward holiness?

Is communion for everyone? Are there benefits to taking communion? How often should I have communion? 


Paganism: Ancient traditions in a modern world.

Did you know that pagans are comfortable in a Christian's home when it is decorated with trees, hollies, ornaments, eggs, and bunnies? 

Did you know that paganism thrives in all areas of our society; and they fervently maintain their sacred traditions the same as do other religions?

Holidays Audio Sermons


Did God die on the cross? Scripture says that no man has seen God at any time. Yet, did men see and touch God when they touched Jesus? 

This sermon answers many questions that are caused by poor doctrine and misinterpreted scriptures.

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