Dallas, TX

Pastor Alex Mouton


Pastor Alex Mouton gave his life to Christ and received the gift of the Holy Ghost in 1984 at Evangelist Temple Holiness Church in Lake Charles, LA.  From the very beginning, he had a heart after God and a willingness to tirelessly labor for him.

In 1986, Pastor Mouton became a member of Back to God Revival Ministries in Sulfur, LA. As he grew and matured in God, he developed a burden for lost souls. Seeing hopeless souls bound on drugs and alcohol moved him to tears, and drove him to start preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere; on the streets and in the projects, from Sulfur to New Orleans, La. By faith in Jesus, when he laid hands on the sick, they received healing, and those bound by devils and addictions were freed through the power of the Holy Ghost! His Pastor saw that God was with him and noted his burden for souls and ordained Pastor Mouton as the Assistant Pastor of Back to God Revival Ministries.



While working on his job one afternoon, the Lord spoke to Pastor Mouton regarding Apostle Wendell Archie and said, “There are teachings of mine that you need to hear and it will come from Bro. Wendell Archie.” He answered, “How is that possible, Lord? Your word says to obey them that have the rule over me. My Pastor hasn't spoken that to me about brother Wendell. And, my peers don’t have anything positive to say about him.” Although Pastor Mouton was unsure of Bro. Archie’s life and doctrine, he considered the voice of God.


After prayer that same day, Pastor Mouton was surprised to find his Pastor on his doorstep. He invited him in and was hit with some devastating news. His Pastor explained that, due to personal problems, he could no longer Pastor and would be stepping down from his position. He asked Pastor Mouton to take over the church. Immediately, the words from God regarding Pastor Archie replayed in Pastor Mouton’s mind. With no information about Refuge Temple Ministries, Pastor Mouton went to the yellow pages to look them up, and was elated to find out that they were having service that night. He told all of the members at Back to God Revival Ministries the instructions he received from God and they all decided to meet at Refuge Temple Ministries for service that night! Pastor Mouton describes this night as, “one of the greatest nights of my spiritual life!” That night, he became a member of Refuge Temple Ministries.


In his obedience to God, not only did Pastor Mouton gain a teacher, but God blessed him with a spiritual father. Through the teachings of Jesus Christ delivered by Apostle Wendell Archie, Pastor Mouton has developed into a mighty man of God; given to hospitality, full of charity, and blameless amongst God’s people. Since joining the ministry, he has diligently labored in Slidell, Lake Charles, and New Orleans, LA.


Pastor Mouton shares the same vision as Apostle Wendell Archie, ‘Reconciling All Men Back unto God’. And in June 2018, Pastor Mouton and his wife, Chynitha Mouton, became overseers of Refuge Temple Ministries in Dallas/Red Oak, TX. 


Testimony from Pastor Alex Mouton: 

“After witnessing God use Apostle Wendell Archie to raise a man from the dead at our Brotherhood Retreat, I came back home with more faith and courage than ever!! As I settled down at home, I received a call that my mother had passed away in the E.R. I immediately went into prayer and remembered the same prayer our Apostle prayed in raising Brother Mitchell from the dead. I begin to pray that same prayer the exact same way!! And God brought my mother's spirit back into her body!!! Not only did she come back to life, but she immediately became connected with Refuge Temple Ministries Inc. in Lake Charles, La., where she received the Holy Ghost! She served the Lord for six years without distraction until the Lord called her home on Feb. 24th, 2017.”

Service Times/Address


Sunday School 9:00 am
Sunday Service 10:00 am
Bible Study – Wednesday night 7:30 pm
Prayer – Friday night 7:30 pm



620 Daubitz Dr.

Red Oak, TX 75154

(972) 576-2992