Houston (Humble), TX

Chief Apostle Wendell Archie



Forsaking All

In the city of Lake Charles, LA., near the Chennault Air Base, stands the magnificent miracle of Refuge Temple Ministries, Inc.  Its inception began nearly 40 years ago in 1974, when Wendell Archie and his wife, Sandra Archie moved to Lake Charles, LA from Houston, TX. to start a ministry.

Wendell and Sandra Archie were members of a denominational church in Houston. After being filled with the Holy Ghost, evangelizing, and Pastoring, Pastor Archie's Pastor ordained him and sent him to establish a church in Lake Charles, Louisiana. 

God spoke to Pastor Archie and confirmed the call which required him to forsake all and follow Him. He immediately began to prepare for his departure.  TRW Mission Manufactures employed Bishop as a highly paid machinist. He and Sandra also forsook the purchase of a home they were preparing to buy. Giving up all he had, he drove away from Houston with his family, a car they recently purchased, and faith in God to provide for their needs.


The early church consisted of about twenty members. With so few members and no additional means of support, the road ahead would be long and tedious for Apostle and his family.

The Hardships

Houston (Humble), TX

In-Person Service Request Form

Praise the Lord, Refuge Temple Ministries Family!


There are overwhelming requests to attend Sunday morning and Wednesday night services.


Our seating capacity has been reduced to maintain CDC recommended guidelines. Our concern is that families may drive to the church and find the seating capacity full and they have nowhere to sit.

The Service Request Form allows attendees to reserve seating for their families to prevent this disappointing inconvenience.

This reduction in seating capacity is temporary and normal service attendance will resume as soon as possible.

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Sunday School – 9:00 am
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Wednesday Bible Study – 7:15 pm
Prayer Daily – 12:00 – 1:00 pm


Houston Location

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15400 Old Humble Rd

Humble, TX 77396

(281) 441-1031